5 Ways to Be Part of the Quiet Revolution in Prostate Cancer Care

There is a quiet revolution taking place in the world of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Last year, the US Preventive Services Test Force issued a directive to discontinue PSA testing in men in order to prevent the widespread misinterpretation of PSA findings by doctors and the harmful overtreatment of men. In April of this [...]

Treating Your Prostate Right

Lenox Hill Hospital has recently opened its new state-of-the-art Prostate Cancer Center in Manhattan under my leadership.  The center will specialize in the treatment of prostate cancer, both pre- and post-surgery.  Lenox Hill Hospital and Prostate Cancer Center focus on patient centered care, where the patient and family are included in all medical decisions.   The [...]

Marriage is Good for Men’s Health—Especially When it Comes to Prostate Cancer Risk

If you’re at risk of developing prostate cancer and you’re considering getting a divorce or breaking up with your girlfriend, you might want to get some marriage counseling. According to new research, married men with prostate cancer are 40 percent less likely to die than single men with the disease. There’s no shortage of research [...]

Dr. David Samadi Answers Prostate Cancer Questions

I would like to take a moment to answer some common prostate cancer-related questions and remind you about early screening and treatment options. What is prostate cancer? Prostate cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the prostate. The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system located [...]

Know Your Prostate: Top Surgeon Offers Free Prostate Cancer Screenings

Dr. David Samadi, a world-renowned prostate cancer surgeon is all set to conduct free prostate cancer screenings at the Chian Federation, 4401 Broadway in Astoria, New York 11103 on Saturday, February 16 2013. Men who attend this screening event will receive Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood tests and/or digital rectal exams (DRE) at no charge between 2:30 PM and 6:30 PM. [Read more...]

Do You Love Soda? Your Prostate Might Not

I’ve been conditioned to associate the word ‘Soda’ with everything unhealthy like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, teeth problems, kidney issues..you get the picture. However, this is the first time I’ve heard of a study indicating that soda actually increases risk of prostate cancer. And if I didn’t have enough reasons earlier, I sure do now to campaign even harder against it!

Soda has more or less become a staple item in the daily American diet. It’s hard to imagine enjoying a meal without some sugary, carbonated drink. But next time you pick up a can of soda, remember drinking a soda a day can increase a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer by 40 percent, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. This study involved 8,000 men and compared those men drinking 11 ounces of a soft drink a day, with people who didn’t drink any sodas . Higher risk for a later-stage form of the cancer was discovered in men consuming soda. Besides soda, connections between a milder form of prostate cancer and high consumption of sugary cereals, pasta and rice were made as well. Better keep those Froot Loops and Rice Krispies out of sight!

It should be a fairly easy choice to give up soda when you consider the other option of going through digital rectal exams, prostate cancer medications and surgeries. So guys, if your prostate is dear to you and you want to keep it healthy, maintain a watch on your intake of sugar and soda. Your life literally depends on it.