Raising Independent Children + Life Lessons from Teaching + Extraordinary Kids

www.amazon.co.ukAlanna Levine, author of Raising a Self-Reliant Child.
A back-to-basics parenting plan from birth to age six.
Issues: Instilling independence in our children from the start; healthy sleep habits; self-discipline; potty training; conflicts with siblings and friends; problem solving and decision making; the dangers of praising too much.

www.amazon.co.ukPhilip Done, author of 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny.
Life Lessons from Teaching
Issues: Connecting what happens in the classroom to the universal truths around us; the delight of learning something for the first time; the value of making a difference

www.amazon.co.ukRafe Esquith, author of Lighting Their Fires.
Raising extraordinary children in a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world.
Issues: Tools to guide your children to success in school and in life; how arming your children with a few simple tools (punctuality, selflessness, patience, for example), can turn them into extraordinary students and extraordinary people.

Avoiding the Summer Brain Drain + Virtual Schooling + Unplugged Play

www.amazon.co.ukNicole Green, VP of Communication, Carson-Dellosa Publishing, publisher of Summer Bridge Activities
Preventing summer learning loss.
Issues: Reading comprehension; multiplication and division; social studies; grammar; character development, and more.

www.amazon.co.ukLaura Overdeck, author of Bedtime Math.
Making math fun.
Issues: Clever, smart ways to get kids interested in math; teaching math through stories; why it’s never too early to start math; why we should do math with our kids just like we read to them.

www.amazon.co.ukLisa Gillis, coauthor of Virtual Schooling.
Optimizing your child’s education.
Issues: How to ignite your child’s passion for learning; easily and effectively improve your child’s current school work; powerful learning resources that can help kids excel; the proper use of computers and technology in education.

www.amazon.co.ukBobbi Conner, author of Unplugged Play.
Battery-free, plug-free, electricity-free games and activities for kids of all ages.
Issues: The importance of unstructured play; coping with “I’m bored,” low-tech fun that can stretch the imagination, spark creativity, build strong bodies, and keep the kids busy while you’re making dinner…

Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome + Inspiring Creativity + Kids and Divorce

www.amazon.co.ukGeorge Estreich, author of The Shape of the Eye.
A memoir of a father raising a child with Down Syndrome
Issues: Hearing the diagnosis; health and psychological issues children with Down Syndrome face; worries about your child’s future; more.

www.amazon.co.ukBernie Schein, author of If Holden Caulfield Were in My Classroom.
Inspiring love, creativity, and intelligence in middle school kids.
Issues: What is No Child Left Behind and what does it mean to your family? Helping your child deal with peer pressure; helping middle schoolers tap into their emotions and realize that it’s their strengths, not their weaknesses that define them as individuals.

www.amazon.co.uk Benjamin Garber, author of Keeping Kids out of the Middle.
Child-centered parenting in the midst of conflict, separation, and divorce.
Issues: Establishing conflict strategies that genuinely meet children’s emotional and psychological needs; building a safe, consistent healthy environment for your child; creating parenting plans that keep your child protected.