Making Changes + Achieve the Extraordinary + Protect against Bullies

Jeremy Dean, author of Making Habits, Breaking Habits
Why we do things why we don’t, and how to make any change stick
Issues: Where do bad habits come from? Why it can take weeks or months to create and implement new behaviors and weed out old ones; avoid frustration and learn to navigate habit-forming pitfalls and successfully build new, long-lasting practices.

Bill Strickland, author of Make the Impossible Possible
One man’s crusade to inspire others to dream bigger and achieve the extraordinary.
Issues: A successful life is not something you simply pursue—it’s something that you create; how to stop going through the motions of living and how to savor each and every day; how the way we treat people and ourselves influences the kind of life we have.

Allan Beane, author of Protect Your Child from Bullying
Advice to help recognize, prevent, and stop bullying before your child gets hurt.
Issues: Tell-tale signs that your child is being victimized; understanding the characteristics that make a child an easy target; how to give your child a solid foundation for dealing with bullying situations; why not to teach a child to physically retaliate against a bully.