Finding Your Parental Rhythm + Finding Peace in Everyday Life + The Real You + Finding Your Life’s Calling

Beth Gineris, author of Turning NO to ON
The art of parenting with mindfulness
Issues: Finding your rhythm as a parent; teaching your children to diminish their limitations; how to use playfulness to improve communication between parents and children. Renee Peterson Trudeau, author of Nurturing the Soul of Your Family.
Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life
Issues: Move through chaos and uncertainty with strength and ease; live every day aligned with your values and what matters most; release old habits, fears, and anxieties; and more. Fisher Roffer, author of Fearless Fish out of Water.
How to succeed when you’re the only one like you.
Issues: Figuring out who the “real you” is; using your differences to your advantage; the importance of support; learning to adapt; why taking risks is critical to finding your niche. Damon, author of The Path to Purpose.
How young people find their calling in life.
Issues: How inundating students with activities may not help them in the long run; avoiding the lack of focus that hinders young people from finding their true passion; how parents can help young people identify what’s truly the most important thing for them; the difference between reasonable and unreasonable goals.

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