Best Apps for Dads? You Asked for ‘Em, We Delivered!

Some of you already know about our first iPhone/iPad app, “Mr. Dad on Pregnancy,” which is based on my best-selling book, The Expectant Father.

By popular demand, we created two new apps: Mr. Dad on Babies based on (The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year), and Mr. Dad on Military Dads, based on The Military Father: A Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads. And don’t worry, more apps based on other books in The New Father series, are in the works.

Oh, and did I mention that they’re all free? Here’s how to get ‘em:

Mr. Dad on Pregnancy:
Mr. Dad on Babies:
Mr. Dad on Military Dads:

Toolbox for New Dads DVD: Because Babies Don’t Come with Instructions


Expectant dads! New dads! Watch as Armin Brott, America’s leading expert on fathers and families, brings you the essential tools you need to get involved, stay involved, and build a close relationship with your baby. This unique DVD provides strategies, advice, insights, and practical tips on everything you’re likely to encounter along the way.

Topics include:

  • First baby? What you need to know about feeding. Crying. Sleeping. Diapers.
  • And, yes, your critical role in breastfeeding.
  • Making sense of your changing emotions and unexpected anxieties and fears.
  • Helping your partner (and yourself!) through post-partum depression.
  • Your changing sex life.
  • How your baby will affect your relationship with your partner—and keeping that relationship healthy.
  • Juggling your work and family roles.
  • Special concerns of older first-time dads.

Get answers to important questions like:

Q:  What do babies do?

Q:  Why do babies cry and how can I get mine to stop?

Q:  What activities are safe to do with newborns?

Q:  The diaper decision: Which are better, cloth or disposables?

Q:  Why is breastfeeding so good for babies?

Q:  What kind of role can a dad play in breastfeeding?

Q:  How are my relationships with my friends and family (including my wife) going to change?

Q:  How will new fatherhood affect your life?

Q:  Is it safe for us to have our baby sleep in our bed?

The New Father audiobook


Audiobook Edition

How can you become an effective, involved father when you see your baby only briefly after work? What is the best way to start saving for your child’s college education? The answers to these questions and hundreds more are found on the pages of this easy-to-follow, information-packed volume. Author Armin Brott devotes a chapter to each moth of the first year. In each chapter he charts the physical, intellectual, verbal, and emotional changes the child is going through, and examines the emotional and psychological development the father may experience. He also covers such general parenting issues as coping with crying, finding quality child care, and understanding changes in the relationship with one’s partner.

This audiobook edition features the latest research on many topics, from what’s going on at the hospital right after childbirth to what a dad can do when his partner is having trouble breastfeeding, to advice for dads in the military and others who are separated from their kids. More information on preemies, twins, and triplets has been added, along with advice for divorced and renewed dads. The resources section and bibliography are considerably expanded.

The Expectant Father audiobook

Expectant Father audiobook

This indispensable book explores the emotional, financial, and even physical changes the father-to-be may experience during his partners pregnancy. Written in an easy-to-absorb format and filled with sound advice and practical tips for men on such topics as how to make sense of your conflicting emotions, how pregnancy affects your sex life, and how to start a college fund, this volume reassures, commiserates, and informs. It also incorporates the wisdom of top experts in the field, from obstetricians and birth-class instructors to psychologists and sociologists.

This audiobook edition features the latest research on many topics, from the reasons for premature birth to nutritional supplements. The finances section has been updated; advice for expectant adoptive fathers has been added throughout; information for fathers expecting twins and other multiples is included; and the resources section and bibliography have been considerably expanded.

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