Man Sues Ex-Wife For Giving Birth To Ugly Children…And Wins

Man Sues Ex-Wife For Giving Birth To Ugly Children…And Wins –

Sexual Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Treatment – Dr. Drew Meets Prostate Cancer

He watched it for a year, and then he had it removed. Dr. Drew’s recent encounter with prostate cancer is, alas, a common story written by an all-too-familiar cancer. Trusting the intuition of his doctors, he played his cards beautifully and has undoubtedly trumped his opponent for good. Sex and the Prostate What drew me to this story was […]

Overcoming Psychological Injuries + Homefront United + Military Spouse Network + 11 Military Mompreneurs

Military One Click

[amazon asin=1594631204&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Guy Winch, author of Emotional First Aid.
Practical strategies for treating failure, rejection, guilt, and other psychological injuries
Issues: How to ease the sharp pain of rejection; how to stop the devastating ache of loneliness or disappointment of failure; how to recover from low-self-esteem or loss; how to deal with nagging guilt; much more

Homefront United NetworkAngela Caban, founder, Homefront United Network,

National Military Spouse NetworkSue Hoppin, founder, National Military Spouse Network,

MSB New MediaAdriana Domingos-Lupher, co-founder, MSB Net Media,

Dumbell FitnessChristina Bell Landry, owner, DumBell Fitness,

Daddy's Deployed Mommy's DeployedBridget Platt, CEO and founder, Daddy’s Deployed and Mommy’s Deployed,

Military One ClickJennifer Pilcher, founder and CEO,,

Powerhouse PlanningJessica Bertsch, president of Powerhouse Planning,

Women Veterans InteractiveGinger Miller, founder and CEO, Women Veterans Interactive,

Nomades CollectionChristy DeWitt, Sales Manager, Nomades,

R. RiveterKellie Dudley, R. Riveter,

LockNLoad JavaLori Churchhill, co-founder, Locknload Java,

My Military LifeWendy Polling, My Military Life/Military Life Radio,

The Military Spouse CoachKrista Wells, The Military Spouse Coach,

Eeeew, That’s Gross!

What is it about nose picking, dog poop, and a variety of bodily functions (human and animal) that kids love so much? Sure, they run around saying “Eeew, that’s gross,” but boogers, solid waste, and farts bring out more giggles than almost anything else in childhood. And, let’s face it, they get plenty of parents [...]

Swedish Kids Say their Parents Are Too Tech-Obsessed

Swedish Kids Say their Parents Are Too Tech-Obsessed.

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