Why Today’s Moms Need Fewer Calories Than 50 Years Ago | Healthy Living – Yahoo Shine

Why Today’s Moms Need Fewer Calories Than 50 Years Ago | Healthy Living – Yahoo Shine.

Guiding Your Kids to a Lifelong Life

A guest post from Jane…


Perhaps nothing sets green-minded people apart more than their long planning horizons. Most ecological problems in the world have been caused by short-sighted people who were more concerned with today’s profits than tomorrow’s planet.

Green-minded parents are doubly long-term in their thinking. That means apart from maintaining our own environmental good behavior, we are trying to teach our kids to do likewise (and inspire them to have their kids do the same, and their kids…)

It’s a heavy burden, but it can be done. When you’re trying to raise kids who aren’t just successful people but green-minded people, cover some of these basics.

Get Kids Involved In The Environment…Early

People of almost any age can do great things with picking up litter and cleaning up streams.

Obviously, some of the very worst places–those with radioactive contaminants or deep chemical pollution–are beyond help. But others can be improved with policy and enforcement actions, and the process for moving forward with those can be spearheaded by activists.

Find a way for to get involved! Help your kids organize an effort to monitor the site’s improvement over the years by soil or water testing, and get a sign put up to explain what’s going on!

Or if your kids have an artsy slant, help them learn to repurpose polluted areas. The nation is trending with artists putting street projects to work that repurpose areas while adding some beautification at the same time!

Old industrial sites can be utilized as community vehicle parking areas to facilitate carpooling. Run-down buildings can be used as outdoor canvases for aspiring mural artists, backdrops for photographers, and even locations for video shoots for local musicians. There may even be options for converting some sites to nurseries to provide air-cleaning ornamental trees!

Not every cleanup requires Superfund assistance. Teach your kids early about the long-term damage from pollution, and they’ll grow up aspiring to prevent it.

Provide For Yourself and Them

It might sound selfish, but you and your kids can’t help the environment if they lack the time, money, or education to do so.

For your part, set aside the money to educate your kids. Their ability to earn a good living is tied heavily to the level of education they attain.

Don’t assume that things will go according to plan. Prepare for the eventualities of life. If you have health issues of your own, conquer your fears and make provisions for them. You can get life insurance even with pre-existing conditions and doing so ensures your kids will get a good education. If you need more info on life insurance, check out this site.

Teach Them Where To Go From There

The education isn’t enough, of course. Its purpose is simply to make sure that you have an adequate financial footing for the green lifestyle you want to live.

Show your kids how you shop. Explain the value of avoiding disposable packages, and foods requiring pesticides. Raise a garden and put a pencil to the financial return you’ve gotten on top of your environmental gains.

Make sure your children understand the importance of being environmentally responsible, and there are easy ways to do that.

Living a green life is more than just about a philosophy you muse over in your hammock. It’s about a nuts-and-bolts, daily living approach to everything and requires as much planning as any other aspect of your life. Handling it right makes for a lifelong understanding for your kids.



Connecting with Kids through Play

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m the father of two kids, five and six. I love them fiercely, and I think we have a good relationship, but I worry that I’m a bad dad. One things I hate about myself is that I can’t seem to connect with the kids during play and I actually have a hard time making myself play with them. That doesn’t seem like something a good parent would have a problem with. What’s wrong with me?

A: Ok, first off, there’s nothing wrong with you—the fact that you’re worried about this aspect of your personality says you’re not a bad parent at all. Many of us were raised to believe that good parents play with their kids (and they do). However, the reverse—that parents who don’t get down and dirty with the little ones are bad parents—is simply not true. Chances are excellent that you’re struggling with playtime not because you hate your children (again, the fact that you’re worried about it takes that option off the table), but because spontaneous or casual play simply may not be part of your personality.
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Mr. Dad and Powerhouse Planning Joining Forces

I’m really excited about this new partnership.



For Immediate Release

Contact:             Jessica Bertsch




Powerhouse Planning, LLC signs partnership agreement with Mr. Dad

WASHINGTON – Dec. 3, 2013 – Powerhouse Planning, LLC (Powerhouse) has signed a partnership agreement with Mr. Dad (Armin Brott) of Oakland, Calif., to provide marketing services. Working collaboratively with Mr. Dad, Powerhouse will construct expansion opportunities for Mr. Dad’s esteemed line of products and services throughout the military community.

“We are privileged to partner with Mr. Dad to help provide his products and services to military families,” stated Jessica Bertsch, president of Powerhouse. “Armin’s fatherhood books have become a staple in our household and we are honored to have the opportunity to grow his product line.” Powerhouse will focus on executing a large-scale marketing push to get Armin’s book, “The Military Father: A Hands-On Guide for Deployed Dads” into the hands of military men in need of resources and tips to stay involved with (and connected to) their families during deployment. Powerhouse will seek out corporate partners that will help connect military members and the supporting community with the valuable tips and knowledge the Mr. Dad products provide.

“As military spouses themselves, Jessica and her team truly understand how important it is – to military dads and their families – to keep relationships strong before, during, and after deployment,” said Brott. “I’m confident that Powerhouse will help build relationships that will enable us to deliver high-quality resources to military families around the world.”


About Powerhouse Planning, LLC

Powerhouse Planning (Powerhouse) guides companies toward initiating and instituting high-IMPACT business plans that succeed in the forms of growth, recognition, efficiency, and new opportunities. Small to mid-size companies often struggle to afford full-blown, dedicated teams focused on marketing, company development, and business growth. Powerhouse serves as an affordable, scalable, and targeted resource to assist companies of all sizes in achieving their goals. Powerhouse provides business/company development, external/internal communications, and marketing services. Powerhouse is committed to hiring military spouses and veterans, offering them career opportunities worldwide.



About Mr. Dad

Mr. Dad (Armin Brott) is a proud father of three, a former U.S. Marine, and one of the country’s leading experts on fatherhood. Hailed by Time magazine as “the superdad’s superdad” and the author of eight bestselling books on fatherhood, Armin has helped millions of men around the world become the fathers they want to be – and that their children need them to be. He has been a guest on hundreds of radio and television shows including Today, CBS Overnight, Fox News, and the O’Reilly Factor, and his work on fatherhood has been featured in publications as varied as Glamour, Sports Illustrated, and the Wall Street Journal. Armin is also the host of “Positive Parenting,” a weekly radio program that airs in the San Francisco Bay Area and a number of other markets, and “Positive Parenting for Military Families,” which runs on the American Forces Network.



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