5 Tips To Start Anew After A Divorce

starting over after divorce

Divorce ushers in both an end and a new beginning. Those who make the tough decision to get divorced typically have very good reasons to do so, as the divorce process is hard, no matter what state it is in or whether it is contested or uncontested.  There is no "normal" reason for wanting a divorce. Divorce lawyers like me typically see divorce stem from a lack of commitment of the other spouse, too much arguing, infidelity, physical or emotional abuse, getting married too young, or having unrealistic expectations of what it takes to maintain a marriage.  

Being "stuck" in a relationship under any of the above conditions creates a large amount of stress, anxiety, and unhappiness. Experienced divorce lawyers are always told that when talking, counseling, and other self-help methods do not solve the issues, divorce is the only way "out". 

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A Journey through America’s Self-Help Culture

Jessica Lamb-Shapiro, author of Promise Land.
One woman’s journey through America’s self-help culture.
Issues: Overcoming phobias and fears; walking on hot coals; coping with grief at the saddest camp in the world; the trouble with the Law of Attraction; the best and the worst of the self-help gurus.

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