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Parenting During the Holidays after Divorce: Naughty or Nice?

A guest post from Angie Hallier The holidays can be a rough time for divorced families. Traditions that were established for the family … [Read More...]

The Connection of Sound: Bonding with Your Kids through Music

I’ll never forget the day my mom called me into the living room and as I entered I noticed a recognizable box sitting in the middle… it was … [Read More...]

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Latest “Ask Mr. Dad” Column

Dating for Dads

Dear Mr. Dad: I’ve been divorced for almost a year and I’m just getting to the point where I’m thinking about dating again. My kids (8 and … [Read More...]

Pregnancy Dreams Up in Smoke

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are just about ready to start a family and we’re really excited. The problem is that we disagree about what she … [Read More...]

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Latest “Positive Parenting” Show

Understanding Worrisome Childhood Behavior

Bonny Forrest, author of Will My Kid Grow Out of It? Topic: A child psychologist's guide to understanding worrisome behavior. Issues: … [Read More...]

How Believers and Non-Believers Can Create Strong Marriages

Dale McGowan, author of In Faith and In Doubt. Topic: How religious believers and nonbelievers can create strong marriages and loving … [Read More...]

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