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My Dad, the Neighborhood, and Sports: The Value of a Good Game

My family grew up in Pepperell, Massachusetts and what made it so amazing was that my father was one of ten brothers (yes, 10!). Because of … [Read More...]

4 Macho and Manly Minivans: They Really Do Exist

Over the years, minivans have gotten a bit of a bad rap for their somewhat bland functionality and lack of automotive zest. However, in many … [Read More...]

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Latest “Ask Mr. Dad” Column

When Should Bedwetting Stop?

Dear Mr. Dad: My 7-year old still wets his bed. He’s terribly embarrassed about it and doesn’t want to have sleepovers with friends---at our … [Read More...]

When Nutrition Guidelines Backfire

Dear Mr. Dad. A few weeks ago you wrote that parents shouldn’t try to force kids to eat their vegetables because it could backfire. I see … [Read More...]

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Latest “Positive Parenting” Show

Getting Kids to Listen–without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling

Guest: Amy McCready, author of If I Have to Tell You One More Time... Topic: The revolutionary program that gets your kids to listen … [Read More...]

A Personal History of ADHD

Timothy Denevi, author of Hyper. Topic: A personal history of ADHD. Issues: What it's like to be a boy who can't stop screaming or … [Read More...]

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